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Resort calendar

Special Events

From a beach party to a fashion show. From food tasting to a wine and cheese gathering. From moon to the stars. And back to earth. And many, many more such occasions. We meant when we said, “Pause the everyday” at our Goa beach hotel.

Corporate Events

We would be happy to host you for any corporate occasion, off site, conference etc. Deals that will be worked to your convenience. Food that will be done to your palette. Stay that will match your levels of comfort. All under one roof. The perks of staying at one of the best beach resorts in Goa.

The India Bike Week

Calling all ye riders, got a beast? Then show it off! Come, be a part of the riding community and show what the two wheels can do to your existence. We would be glad to assist you with everything- ferrying your beast, ferrying and lodging you too. A real game from one of the premium resorts in Goa.

New Year Party

If you thought that tourism in Goa was just about relaxing at some beach and sipping on a drink, you’ve got to think again. We make it a little more Happening for you with some of our organizational abilities.